Organic Chemistry I

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A significant number of resources and tips on this page that will (hopefully) help you do well in this class!

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Midterm & Practice Materials

Some old exams. *Disclaimer* None of these exams are my own work or material.

Harvard Practice Problem Generator: This website is an experimental Harvard project that auto generates practice problems for you. Pretty useful.


Notes I took from Wade 8th edition. Good luck reading my (or Tony's) handwriting :P


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Tips & Tricks

Seriously. Some online content creators are some of the biggest lifesavers I encounted for this class. However, be careful which ones you choose to use! Online resources have no true credibility until they can produce good results over and over again--so be wary when you see random Quora or StackOverflow posts. Here are some of the most useful resources I discovered whilst learning organic chemistry:

1. masterorganicchemistry: Easily one of the most reliable and helpful resources out there. The author of this page taught at MIT, and some of the posts on his page are astoundingly good. Very few, if any, covered the Sni mechanism (the retention substitution reaction), and his resources are consistently accurate and reliable (see his page on Orgo II material in regards to endo/exo products for Diels-Adder reactions--amazing!)

2. Professor Dave Explains: This YouTube channel is filled with quality information about organic chemistry at the collegiate level. He most definitely helped me understand core concepts so that I could truly develop my ideas and thinking throughout organic chemistry. His explanations on stereochemistry, molecular orbital theory, cyclohexane chairs, etc. are some of clearest introductory-level explanations out there. Worth checking out.

3. Harvard Problems Generator: I haven't used this toooo much, but being able to generate problems in specific areas/topics is extremely useful to build and capitalize on your weaknesses.