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MT1 Ching Li Chai, Fall 2019

MT1 Taskovic, Spring 2019

MT2 Ching Li Chai, Fall 2019

MT2 Taskovic, Spring 2019

MT3 Ching Li Chai, Fall 2019

MT3 Unknown, Fall 2018

Final Fall 2016

Final Spring 2016

Final Fall 2015

Final Spring 2015

HW1, Spring 2020

HW2, Spring 2020

HW3, Spring 2020

HW4, Spring 2020

HW5, Spring 2020

HW6, Spring 2020

HW7, Spring 2020

HW8, Spring 2020

HW9, Spring 2020

Orthogonality Principle to Find Coefficients

2D Orthogonality to Find Coefficients

S2020 Recitation 6: Sturm Liouville

S2020 Recitation 7: Bessel x Cylinders

S2020 Recitation 8: Spheres

S2020 Recitation 9: Nonhomogenous Problems

Laplacian on Rectangle

Laplacian on Cube

Laplacian in Circle/Disk

Laplacian on Annulus

Laplacian outside Circle/Disk

Laplacian in Cylinder

Laplacian in Cylinder, Modified Bessels Fcns


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